Of course he couldn't ...

... keep his twitchy, social-engineering fingers off the military, that is.

Christopher Roach blogs about Obama's repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'
The new policy will allow open service by gays. This will be a big change, but, more important, this will usher in a whole host of related and very negative changes. Judging by the umpteenth sexual harassment seminar our forces endure on a biweekly basis, open service will probably lead to demands for changing the military’s “homophobic” culture through indoctrination of one kind or another. Those uncomfortable will leave. They will be ostracized and eventually punished for the very cultural conservatism that leads them to join the military. Those who remain will be those who lack the courage of their convictions, if they have any convictions at all.

I love the phrase coined by Lew Rockwell (a socially conservative anarchist): 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' will become a policy of 'Never Shut Up.'

Mr. Roach is entirely correct. The social conservatives who make up the bulk of troops doing the actual fighting will stop enlisting. Why risk life and limb for an elite who despise your values?

Who will defend the Empire now? It's going to be affirmative action generals, female helicopter pilots, and aesthetic-obsessed gays versus the young, straight men who will join sheriff's departments, splinter groups, or do their four years and go the merc route. In any fight, my money's on the latter group.