Has feminism run its course?

From the Weekly Standard, via iSteve.

The whole point of the sexual and feminist revolutions was to obliterate the sexual double standard that supposedly stood in the way of ultimate female freedom. The twin revolutions obliterated much more, but the double standard has reemerged in a harsher, crueler form: wreaking havoc on beta men and on beta women, too, who, as the declining marriage rate indicates, have trouble finding and securing long-term mates in a supply-saturated short-term sexual marketplace. Gorgeous alpha women fare fine—for a few years until the younger competition comes of age. But no woman, alpha or beta, seems able to escape the atavistic preference of men both alpha and beta for ladylike and virginal wives (the Darwinist explanation is that those traits are predictors of marital fidelity, assuring men that the offspring that their spouses bear are theirs, too). And every aspect of New Paleolithic mating culture discourages the sexual restraint once imposed on both sexes that constituted a firm foundation for both family life and civilization.

In mandating equality of outcome for women with respect to men, the welfare state and Title VII eliminate the socio-economic justification for marriage, which is really just a social contract to ensure that men take care of children and the women by whom they sire them. Without the specter of destitution, women can indulge their sexual impulses--female prudery is a myth, by the way--in hopes of eventually landing the Big One, as in the pathetically fanciful Pretty Woman. (The male equivalent, also starring Julia Roberts, is Notting Hill.) Of course, as the author of this essay notes, there are only so many alpha males and females to go around. The end result is a race to the bottom for women seeking to outbid each other for the affections of alpha men.

The strict 'alpha-beta' dichotomy is a little too crude for what is really a complex hierarchy. Generally speaking, all but the most dysfunctional men can become proud and independent at some level, and will pragmatically settle on somebody, and can draw on millenia of collective experience in doing so. Women, by contrast, are very new to this game.


Anonymous said…
A lot of men are settling on porn and videogames, while a lot of women are settling on a vibrator and a cat.

Selfishness and downward mobility work into the equation.
Anonymous said…
"Has feminism run its course?"

God, I hope so.
Cordelia said…
Anonymous said: "Has feminism run its course?"

God, I hope so.

Sorry, that was me. Forgot to type in my name.
It is a problem that will solve itself: dysfunctional people who can't reproduce themselves will be replaced. And that goes for men who can't put down the Nintendo and actually ask out, talk up, and seduce a female, as well as bitter, aging women with their 100-point checklists.
Kevin J Jones said…
A lot of scholarly work could be done showing how mandated sexual equality eliminates many morally conservative businesses and institutions. This "decapitation" leaves only the churches to bear the burden of family support and defense, a task which they are not best at.
Anonymous said…
'mandated sexual equality eliminates many morally conservative businesses and institutions. '

What? How does feminism eliminate businesses? Do you mean feminists get hired for jobs at which they're not competent, or do you mean that competent leave work to have babies?

Or do you mean something else?