Invite the world, invade the world

A brief reflection from Steve Sailer on Yemen.

Government solutions are guaranteed to be uneconomic. The private sector equivalent would be the consultant who negotiates a retainer of $5,000 a month until the problem is solved. More to the point, the US government intervenes in the disputes of foreign tribes, invites the protagonists from both sides here, and 'solves' the resulting conflict by erecting a vast, welfare-warfare apparatus which perpetuates what it was intended to address.

Americans also need to acquire some perspective on terrorism. In the first place, terrorism is a comparative drop in the bucket of pathologies inflicting harm on US society. Terrorists are criminals, not the Mongol horde (for the time being). In the second place, if we are going to be an empire then terrorism is a cost of doing business--don't like it, don't practice empire.

Speaking of empire, it occurs to me that the elites' Open Society is just window dressing for domestic imperialism. Previously, the elites sallied forth to exploit the labor and resources of Third Worlders in their homelands. Now, with the elites' homegrown welfare/funny money schemes running short on tax fodder, they just import Third Worlders here.