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Dog Smarts

Animals are a really awkward problem for the Left. The hippies cling to their Darwinist creed, until it leads to some rather impolite conclusions about the animal known as homo sapiens.

Canis lupus familiaris presents the Left with that conundrum in spades: a sub-species shaped for behavioral characteristics via artificial selection as deliberately as a man selects his occupation. And it gets worse from the Left's perspective, because apparently certain behavioral characteristics are associated with certain phenotypes as well.

About twelve years ago, under a unique set of circumstances, I visited a pit bull breeder who showed me his six-week whelps. The bitch and sire were both isolated behind eight feet of chicken wire. The whelps were on three feet leads staked six feet apart.

These people were breeders, not dog fighters. I was told, in a very matter of fact tone, that the dogs were bred for 'hot,' 'super-hot' and 'dynamite' levels of aggression. Their son demonstrated the object of the enterprise by taking two whelps off lead and rubbing their heads against each other. The pups responded not with play behavior as normally observed between littermates, but with predatory snarling and attempts to grip and tear. The whelps are staked at six-feet intervals so they won't slaughter each other.

Six week-old pups.