Decline and fall of the State, continued

Plea for UN Troops in Mexico
Mexican business leaders have appealed to the United Nations to deploy peacekeepers just metres from the US border to help stem the rampant violence of the country's drug cartels.

The request from business groups in the border city of Juarez raises the prospect of blue-helmeted UN soldiers patrolling the US border.

It follows the failure of more than 8500 Mexican soldiers and special forces police to bring the bloodshed under control.

Ciudad Juarez, separated from the Texan city of El Paso by a short bridge over the Rio Grande, is the centre of Mexico's drug cartel turf wars and has one of the highest murder rates in the world...

More than 8500 Mexican troops have been sent into the city since February in an operation that had initial success. The troops are still patrolling the city and training police recruits. But the violence has returned and almost 2000 people have been killed this year, the bodies of torture victims often dumped in the streets, in a city of 1.5 million people.

A decent hypothesis would be that the Mexican federal troops have been infiltrated, bribed, or had their identities compromised.

The American elite are willfully ignorant of Mexico, preferring to focus on the macro effects of cheap labor while not thinking too long or too hard on the question of why not even Mexicans want to live there. If Barack Obama and his Cabinet members had any sense, they would be shifting National Guard troops to the Mexican border to contain the coming anarchy rather than deploying them 6,000 miles away to protect lackey regimes.

But they don't, so they won't.