Matthew Hoh's resignation letter

A scan of the document is here (via the Ochlophobist). It is a very good letter, and reading between the lines, I suspect Mr. Hoh would have liked to say a lot more. The third page contains as frank an admission as you are likely to see by a US government official: Afghanistan is not really the problem; the root is a violent religious ideology with an established presence in the West.

Undergirding our continued presence in the Afghan money pit is the assumption, by both of what passes for 'the Left' and 'the Right' in this country, that inside every Pashtun and Tajik tribesmen is an occidental social democrat just waiting to get out. Thus, we shower Afghanistan with schools, voting booths and hospitals to treat all the natives we bomb, when the cold reality is Afghanistan will become a progressive democracy only when the US military is let off the leash to clear the place for American colonization. Afghanistan is Afghanistan because it's populated by Afghans, and you can substitute any country and peoples you like for that axiom.

The swipe at Mexico is rather breathtaking as well. Way, way under the radar of the LA/NYC/DC axis, the same dynamic is playing out: indigenous tribesmen are in open revolt against a corrupt, urban, US-backed elite. Unlike the Afghan conflict, this one will be coming home to us.

I wonder if Matthew Hoh has been reading William Lind?