Lindsey Graham returns to his vomit

In May 2009, Lindsey Graham declared, "We are not going to build a party around libertarian ideas. Ron Paul is not the leader of this party." A breathtaking statement, considering its delivery mere months after neo-conservatism's total electoral defeat. In retrospect though, Graham was just getting an early start making the short, happy journey back home to Trotskyite social democracy.

Graham seems to have a particular burr under his saddle for Ron Paul and libertarian politics, warming again to this theme here: Graham: GOP not going to be the party of angry white guys.

And if there remained any doubt, this statement from a Republican politician establishes the dialectic from now on. Low taxes and limited government are policies espoused only by loathsome, racist white guys.

One expects this sort of thing from Democrats, but to hear a white Republican senator tell it to his own electoral base is just absurd. Who does he think is going to vote for his prissy old ass when those 'angry white guys' are a demographic minority? More importantly, who's going to pay for all the swill Graham and his new Democratic overlords will be ladling out when those angry white guys are a demographic minority? On second thought, don't bother answering.

It's all enough to make this white guy, well, angry.


MWT said…
Olympia Snowe or Lindsey Graham - who is the most loathsome Republican?