The problem with the Republican party


Still the Stupid Party by Tom Piatak,
Yesterday on Meet the Press, Bill Clinton said this when asked if the “vast right wing conspiracy” that Hillary claimed was the source of all the Clintons’ political troubles was still around: “Sure it is, it’s not as strong as it was, because America’s changed demographically, but it’s as virulent as it was.” In other words, because mass immigration is decreasing the white share of the electorate, opposition to liberalism is decreasing. In fact, as all the outrcry over the “racist” nature of the tea parties shows, the future promises to be one where the mere fact that a policy position is held mostly by whites is likely to make it suspect, if not toxic. If the Democrats have figured this out, why does the GOP keep nominating for President men who haven’t?

To which Kevin DeAnna responds,
Conservative explanation—Because social acceptance, as designated by a left wing elite, is more important than winning. As Burkeans, we must bow before established elites, even if they hate us. What’s important is that we lose slowly so people don’t get upset.

Libertarian explanation—Because admitting the existence of cultures, nations, peoples, families, religions, and ethnicities is collectivist and one step away from Stalinism.

Kevin DeAnna has previously eulogized movement conservatism, i.e., the Republican party. And truly, this has been the problem all along: how does one reconcile conservatism with the modern ideal of universal suffrage? If control over the levers of State power is determined by majority vote, the battle for the State necessarily means you must cede the battle for the larger Culture. The Republicans, perforce, chose the former path and are losing the war. Libertarians are similarly aligned with a high time-preference, libertine majority. In short, electoral politics are a dead end for conservatism at this point.