Gnosticism, continued

When Someone Is Raised Female And The Genes Say XY, Seth Borenstein, Associated Press

Experts say Semenya should be allowed to race as a woman and they cringe at how her case is exploding publicly in the news media. They worry about psychological scars. Two years ago, a star female track athlete who tested male attempted suicide.

Unless she took some illicit substance, Semenya is a female with a birth defect, simple as that, said Dr. Myron Genel, a professor emeritus of pediatrics at Yale University. He was part of a special panel of experts convened by the International Association of Athletics Federations in 1990 that helped end much, but not all, genetic gender testing.
Dr. Louis Elsas, chairman of biochemistry at the University of Miami and a member of the IAAF panel with Genel, said he had hoped the genetic gender testing issue was over after the 1996 Olympics, when most major sports abandoned regular testing. He recalled having to talk to a female athlete and reveal that she had XY chromosomes and that she'd be infertile. It's something that shouldn't splash onto television, newspapers and the Internet, he said.

"It's a severe emotional trauma," Elsas said.

The concern that women with XY chromosomes have a competitive advantage "is malarkey. We don't segregate athletes by height," said Genel, speaking from an international endocrinology conference in New York that has sessions on intersex issues.

Remarkable stuff. And why is Semenya a "female with a birth defect?" Isn't he (XY chromosones, male shoulder and pelvic structure, elevated T-levels, etc.) a male with a birth defect: undescended testes and a malformed penis?

One last money quote:
Simpson, associate dean at Florida International University, said the issue should be simply whether men are masquerading as women. Semenya is clearly a woman, he said.

"Clearly?" With no mammary glands, uterus or ovaries? And XY chromosones? One wonders to what lengths Dr. Simpson would have men go to prove they were not female. And this is from a man whose specialty is medical genetics.

Modern worship of the gnostic ideal prevents even extremely intelligent people from admitting what science and their senses tell them: Semenya is a man with undescended testes and malformed genitals. This is apparent from even the most superficial observation of his physiology and mannerisms. (Just click on the pictures to get the full frame. The Fox Sports photo gallery is here).

And the statement that XY chromosones don't confer a competitive advantage can only be described as breathtaking; there is simply no such thing as "women with XY chromosones."

And here's a picture worth at least a thousand words.

Postscript: I'm going to add Steve Sailer's wonderful tag for such items, political correctness makes you stupid.


JLB said…
How on earth do they come up with this stuff?

I mean, talk about uncritical journalism!

"Woman with Y-chromosome" doesn't raise ANY red flags for them? REALLY?
What also strikes me is that of all such circumstances, this is one that really does beg for the compassionate administration of reconstructive surgery and hormone treatment. But the knee-jerk bias is all towards a female "gender."