The delegitimization of the State, continued...

Here's a story, with photos about the hi-jinks of a merc company retained by the US government to guard its main operating base, excuse me, its "embassy," in Kabul.

Now, there are several things going on here (and I'm not there so I don't know) but I'm guessing what it really boils down to is this: there are no serviceable females for these lads for miles in either direction. Any European or American honeys who might otherwise qualify are behind ten feet of concrete block being swooped by CIA and State Department staff. And what is also very likely, there is a two-inch thick binder full of rules that keeps the mercs from getting within ten feet of Afghan women who would party-hearty for some cash and cheap beer. And food. And medicine. And some diverted building materials. And a shot at convincing one of these saps to marry her and take her to the US so she can increase her lifespan by 20+ years.

And any tub-thumper out there who doesn't like how this is sounding, let me suggest we shouldn't be in the business of imperial war to begin with.

Of course, I'm happy to concede that my guess as to what this really boils down to is just plain wrong.

Maybe the State really is reduced to paying homoerotic thugs $100K a year to guard its imperial palaces.

Maybe it really can't find enough competent men among its 2.3 million active and reserve troops to accomplish the task.

Or maybe the State is just spreading the wealth around rather than oh, I don't know, paying its E-3's more than $20K a year.

But in any event, the State is proceeding apace towards anarcho-tyranny, with its gang of homoerotic thugs taking their place among all the other gangs of homoerotic thugs victimizing peaceful folk.