Triangular conflict

(This is a short essay posted by a friend at a forum that no longer exists. I have only edited for form.)

Historically, the great conflict of the West was bipolar: Christianity vs. Islam.

This simplicity no longer obtains. The conflict is now triangular: Christianity vs. Islam vs. Atheism.

This third participant is a newcomer and operates mostly behind other labels: secularism, democracy, globalism. It is also a Trojan horse for Zionism. It has the power structures of the West to itself.

It should be obvious that each of the three views each of the other as a mortal enemy. They can coexist but they do not make peace. The relative serenity of American existence after the War Between the States made us think that Atheism can coexist with Christianity. It cannot. Milder forms of Atheism, such as the Masonic Lodge and democratic secularism, can coexist with milder forms of Christianity such as mainstream Protestantism temporarily. This is all the American Experiment means. It is a time limited one, and that time is running out.

In a triangular conflict each side rationally seeks tactical alliance with one of the other. That is because each of two sides can profit from putting a squeeze on the third. Thus we see the following:

1. The Atheist who despises the Muslim for his selfless dedication and fear of God finds commonality of goals with the Christian who wants to push back Islam.

2. The Christian understands that after the Atheist has reckoned with the Muslim it will be his turn. Thus the Christian sees commonality of goals with the Muslim in rights of religion in the public square, pro-life, and anti-sodomy. The pro-life movement has its best ally in Islam and its worst enemy with the atheist State.

3. The Muslim knows that the atheist State requires an influx of culturally inassimilable minorities to justify its socialist demographic and taxation policies. The Muslim by donning a mask of moderation can plead to the atheist State for protection, while the State can point to the Muslim's presence to de-Christianize its public policy. This is the role for every secular leftist whose principal fear is that one day the Religious Right will win all elections and take the Right to Choose away. This is also the role for all self-serving immigrants, Muslim or otherwise, who fear mass deportations, and for Muslims who do their part in the jihad simply by populating the West with themselves.

Being triangular, the present structure is inherently unstable, and like all unstable structures must eventually settle at an inclination of repose.


Sophocles said…
Very good thoughts.