From this thread at Steve Sailer's blog, discussing a Swedish couple's decision to keep their child's "gender" a secret from him/her.

One poster asks whether it's yet time to root for the jihadis (i.e., Sweden's burgeoning Muslim population). To which an anonymous poster replies,
Yes, how ironic to think that in 50 years Sweden will be religiously Muslim and culturally patriarchal.

Liberalism, socialism, cultural Marxism, deconstructionism, postwhateverism, or what ever you want to call it, is a modern Gnostic religion, which sees the human biology, the very reality of the human body, as evil. Evil because it is real and material and innate. What the new religion calls sin is the very acceptance of reality, biological or physical, rather than its misuse. Reality must be transformed, transgressed, subverted, converted, deconstructed, endlessly, relentlessly. This is the formula of Gnostic totalitarianism, both personal and public, driven by the world-denying will-to-power of the enlightened ones.

Both traditional Christianity and Darwinism are on the side of conservatism, because they are both anti-Gnostic. Gnosticism, powered by progressive Gnostic elites, is the terminal state of decaying civilizations.

Couldn't agree more.

Western liberalism is on a collision course with the illiberal cultures it is importing. When that day comes I'll have to say--with all the irony I can muster-- it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.