Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why I'm joining ISIS


Just kidding--I'm not really joining ISIS. But if this sort of thing propagates, I might.

Nick Gillespie of the hilariously inapt "Reason" website describes this freakish display as "powerful." I'm sure the Sunni Arabs are duly impressed.

Clicking around on, I came across this woman affiliated with Femen painting some unintentionally hilarious slogans on herself and displaying at, of all places, the Montreal Grand Prix. Then she proceeds to get herself handled by big, strong, uniformed men. There's a reason female sexual fantasies don't involve scholarly ectomorphs wearing Birkenstocks.

I'm wondering if bipolar disorder in women is a pathological reaction to men not treating them like women.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thanks for the tip

Saudi king warns of terrorist threat to US, Europe.
While not mentioning any terrorist groups by name, King Abdullah's statement appeared aimed at drawing Washington and NATO forces into a wider fight against the Islamic State group and its supporters in the region. Saudi Arabia openly backs rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad, but is concerned that the breakaway al-Qaida group could also turn those very same weapons on the kingdom.

"I am certain that after a month they will reach Europe and, after another month, America," he said at a reception for foreign ambassadors Friday.

Official Saudi media carried the king's comments early Saturday.

"These terrorists do not know the name of humanity and you have witnessed them severing heads and giving them to children to walk with in the street," the king said, urging the ambassadors to relay his message directly to their heads of state.

The Islamic State group has been fighting moderate rebels, other extremists and Assad's forces in Syria for nearly three years. Iraq has faced an onslaught by the Sunni extremists and their supporters since early this year, and the country continues to be roiled by instability.

While providing arms and support to Sunni militants in Syria, Saudi Arabia has denied directly funding or backing the Islamic State group.

British officials raised the country's terror threat level Friday to "severe," its second-highest level, because of developments in Iraq and Syria, but there was no information to suggest an attack was imminent. The White House has said it does not expect the U.S. to bump up its terrorism threat warning level.

Saudi Arabia, a major U.S. ally in the region, has taken an increasingly active role in criticizing the Islamic State group. Earlier this month, the country's top cleric described the Islamic State group and al-Qaida as Islam's No. 1 enemy and said that Muslims have been their first victims. State-backed Saudi clerics who once openly called on citizens to fight in Syria can now face steep punishment and the kingdom has threatened to imprison its citizens who fight in Syria and Iraq.

A decade ago, al-Qaida militants launched a string of attacks in the kingdom aimed at toppling the monarchy. Saudi officials responded with a massive crackdown that saw many flee to neighboring Yemen. In the time since, the kingdom has not seen any massive attacks, though it has imprisoned suspected militants and sentenced others to death.

The Gulf monarchs are not our allies. They are deeply corrupt and double-dealing and have sowed the wind across the Middle East. Now they come sniveling to Uncle Sugar: "We're all in this together now, guyz. Right? Guyz?"

What horrendous people.

Somebody explain to me why Bashar Assad just had to be got rid of, but these barbarians who abolished slavery in 1974 and were living in tents less than a century ago are "major US allies?"

We are really in a jam, because "Americans" are already in the ranks of the Dar-al-Islam, and now they have live fire experience.

As a commenter on Vox Popoli noted, the next world war will be civil.

Anarchy breeds Tradition

Is Orthodox unity the last thing we should want?

A good question, from August (Contra Niche).

August is making an ecclesiastical point, but there's a political axiom in there as well: anarchy means patriarchy.

In other words, when the Great Reset happens and the secular democratic Novus Ordo falls, then what's going to replace it is patriarchy. But when you think about it, secular democracy is itself dependent on armed men with weapons enforcing the Novus Ordo, so it looks like it's patriarchy all the way down. Feminists may as well take up the fight against gravity, meaning they will ultimately never be successful, and they'll cause a lot of damage along the way. Patriarchy is the organic order.

We can look at August's point from both the ecclesial and political perspectives and sadly conclude that the USA, not being a real Nation, can perforce never have a real Church. This would make the profession of Orthodox clergy in America one of the more unrequited callings on the planet. But that is the sort of world-changing faith that moves mountains.

May our Lord bless and keep His holy Orthodox priests and bishops.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Briefly, why gay marriage is wrong

Gavin McInnes thinks that Marriage is a panacea, as in, if we just allow gays to get married, they'll settle down and jettison their cultural Marxism and stop having promiscuous sex, like Gavin did.

Gavin is heterosexual and a reformed rake who married outside his peer group, because his peer group is so jaded and STD-ridden there's no marriageable females left in it. He thinks marriage is good, which it is, ergo if only homosexuals could experience marriage they'd all settle down and become reformed hipsters, like Gavin has. But what Gavin doesn't realize is that homosexuals can never, ever experience marriage. Marriage, to use a crude metaphor, is how the plug and the outlet find common ground in order to complete the whole human experience. Two plugs or two outlets can't do this. You can offer marriage to whatever couplings the deviant mind can dream up; it won't expunge the pathology from the pathological. Gay marriage is not about turning gays into low time-preference, minarchist conservatives who live behind picket fences. It's about devaluing marriage for all of society by extending it to any and all sexual couplings.

Marriage ties one into the entire great chain of being. It's a little micro-cosmos, a mini-kingdom, the Creation story playing out right there in your living room. Two homosexuals can't recreate that, and I don't care with what level of dignity and refinement they carry themselves or what extruded process they go through to acquire children. The idea that George Takei or Elton John are "married" to their partners will always be a pathetic joke.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tennis has a steroid problem

There's a BlogSpot called Tennis Has A Steroid Problem. Tennis, obviously, has a steroid problem.

Lion of the Blogosphere thinks Serena Williams is a not-atypical black female with lots of protein and workouts. I don't know what Lion is talking about. I live in Atlanta and I don't see any black women with the craggy facial features and inflated deltoids of Serena Williams.

Serena is just one of many. Here's Martina Hingis in 1997:

Here's Martina Hingis in 2013 (when her now ex-husband was accusing her of physical assault and serial promiscuity):

Pardon my Anglo-Saxon, but that is a f***ing tragedy.

I saw a great line the past few days but can't remember where: in the modern world, women are treated like men and dogs and cats are treated like children. Of course, both Serena and Martina are childless.

Education is just training

Study confirms what you already know, from iSteve:

The graph above is consistent with my long-held view that while it’s difficult (but not necessarily impossible) to boost adult IQ through schooling, schools could generally be doing better with the IQs that students bring to the table. Thus, I’ve argued that rather than try to Close the Gap of about 1 standard deviation between Non-Asian Minorities and Asians and whites, our national goal should instead be to boost each group’s average performance by one-half standard deviation over current levels. That would have about the same total national improvement in test scores, and is far more feasible due to diminishing returns as you try to move from +0.5 sd to +1.0 sd.

KIPP charters are basically militaristic boot camps for hard-working kids with IQs probably averaging in the 90s. The idea is to get them away from the layabouts and troublemakers in regular schools and then drill them intensively in the basics. This isn’t going to turn them into the next John Updikes, but it likely will mean they will be employable in positions like, say, assistant managers of Walmarts and other jobs better than, say, hauling palettes around Walmarts, which is all they’ll be qualified for if they don’t learn to read and figure.

And, I'd add, all that can be taught by age 14, at which point there is no reason the future store managers can't just enter the workforce and start earning income and learning to be adults instead of diagramming sentences and studying Late Antiquity and the two World Wars over the next four years of high school.

As one commenter points out, even with the rigor of KIPP charter methods, the gains are barely above statistical noise. This is what we devote an entire federal department--duplicated down to the state, municipal and district levels--and the entirety of a human being's youth towards. And the whole thing is just a giant, artificial construct which barely accomplishes anything people wouldn't just handle on their own.

When productive society's money and patience for public education runs out, they'll walk away from the whole edifice and in one month nobody will miss a thing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Deflection, continued

I decided this merited a separate post.

Something that has puzzled me for a while is the fact that every high-profile protest inevitably has some Free Palestine!, Free Leonard Peltier! and Free Mumia! element hanging around. And of course everybody has to do backflips to make sure the drum circle accommodates everybody from the Wiccans to the zoophiles. Even though there's abundant common cause, working-class Americans are going to stay away.

Per my other post, there is some very strange conflation going on, as Giraldi and his friend, Lt. Col. Lorraine, tie in white nationalism to Zionism on the one hand, and Palestinian nationalism to populist Leftism on the other.

There is something slippery about it all. My hypothesis is that leftists have realized social democracy--to the extent it works--must perforce be national social democracy (like the "national" in national socialism) because that's really the only way you get everybody putting their shoulder to the wheel to fund things like old age pensions, neighborhood schools, medical clinics, etc. Otherwise, it's just an ethnic spoils fight, like what we have now.

Therefore, the instant any bit of genuine economic populism, any sustainable social safety net, any true monetary or fiscal reform threatens to break out, it must be instantly conflated with identity politics lest some actual national unity and pride occur. American populist movements might end up actually being ... American. I.e., Hate.