Friday, August 29, 2014

Briefly, why gay marriage is wrong

Gavin McInnes thinks that Marriage is a panacea, as in, if we just allow gays to get married, they'll settle down and jettison their cultural Marxism and stop having promiscuous sex, like Gavin did.

Gavin is heterosexual and a reformed rake who married outside his peer group, because his peer group is so jaded and STD-ridden there's no marriageable females left in it. He thinks marriage is good, which it is, ergo if only homosexuals could experience marriage they'd all settle down and become reformed hipsters, like Gavin has. But what Gavin doesn't realize is that homosexuals can never, ever experience marriage. Marriage, to use a crude metaphor, is how the plug and the outlet find common ground in order to complete the whole human experience. Two plugs or two outlets can't do this. You can offer marriage to whatever couplings the deviant mind can dream up; it won't expunge the pathology from the pathological. Gay marriage is not about turning gays into low time-preference, minarchist conservatives who live behind picket fences. It's about devaluing marriage for all of society by extending it to any and all sexual couplings.

Marriage ties one into the entire great chain of being. It's a little micro-cosmos, a mini-kingdom, the Creation story playing out right there in your living room. Two homosexuals can't recreate that, and I don't care with what level of dignity and refinement they carry themselves or what extruded process they go through to acquire children. The idea that George Takei or Elton John are "married" to their partners will always be a pathetic joke.

Anarchy breeds tradition

Is Orthodox unity the last thing we should want?

A good question, from Contra Niche.

There are a lot of universal principles packed into Contra Niche's observation. As I've seen remarked elsewhere, you either have secular democracy, or you have some form of patriarchy. And since secular democracy is itself dependent on armed men with weapons enforcing the secular, democratic order, I guess it's patriarchy all the way down.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tennis has a steroid problem

There's a BlogSpot called Tennis Has A Steroid Problem. Tennis, obviously, has a steroid problem.

Lion of the Blogosphere thinks Serena Williams is a not-atypical black female with lots of protein and workouts. I don't know what Lion is talking about. I live in Atlanta and I don't see any black women with the craggy facial features and inflated deltoids of Serena Williams.

Serena is just one of many. Here's Martina Hingis in 1997:

Here's Martina Hingis in 2013 (when her now ex-husband was accusing her of physical assault and serial promiscuity):

Pardon my Anglo-Saxon, but that is a f***ing tragedy.

I saw a great line the past few days but can't remember where: in the modern world, women are treated like men and dogs and cats are treated like children. Of course, both Serena and Martina are childless.

Education is just training

Study confirms what you already know, from iSteve:

The graph above is consistent with my long-held view that while it’s difficult (but not necessarily impossible) to boost adult IQ through schooling, schools could generally be doing better with the IQs that students bring to the table. Thus, I’ve argued that rather than try to Close the Gap of about 1 standard deviation between Non-Asian Minorities and Asians and whites, our national goal should instead be to boost each group’s average performance by one-half standard deviation over current levels. That would have about the same total national improvement in test scores, and is far more feasible due to diminishing returns as you try to move from +0.5 sd to +1.0 sd.

KIPP charters are basically militaristic boot camps for hard-working kids with IQs probably averaging in the 90s. The idea is to get them away from the layabouts and troublemakers in regular schools and then drill them intensively in the basics. This isn’t going to turn them into the next John Updikes, but it likely will mean they will be employable in positions like, say, assistant managers of Walmarts and other jobs better than, say, hauling palettes around Walmarts, which is all they’ll be qualified for if they don’t learn to read and figure.

And, I'd add, all that can be taught by age 14, at which point there is no reason the future store managers can't just enter the workforce and start earning income and learning to be adults instead of diagramming sentences and studying Late Antiquity and the two World Wars over the next four years of high school.

As one commenter points out, even with the rigor of KIPP charter methods, the gains are barely above statistical noise. This is what we devote an entire federal department--duplicated down to the state, municipal and district levels--and the entirety of a human being's youth towards. And the whole thing is just a giant, artificial construct which barely accomplishes anything people wouldn't just handle on their own.

When productive society's money and patience for public education runs out, they'll walk away from the whole edifice and in one month nobody will miss a thing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Deflection, continued

I decided this merited a separate post.

Something that has puzzled me for a while is the fact that every high-profile protest inevitably has some Free Palestine!, Free Leonard Peltier! and Free Mumia! element hanging around. And of course everybody has to do backflips to make sure the drum circle accommodates everybody from the Wiccans to the zoophiles. Even though there's abundant common cause, working-class Americans are going to stay away.

Per my other post, there is some very strange conflation going on, as Giraldi and his friend, Lt. Col. Lorraine, tie in white nationalism to Zionism on the one hand, and Palestinian nationalism to populist Leftism on the other.

There is something slippery about it all. My hypothesis is that leftists have realized social democracy--to the extent it works--must perforce be national social democracy (like the "national" in national socialism) because that's really the only way you get everybody putting their shoulder to the wheel to fund things like old age pensions, neighborhood schools, medical clinics, etc. Otherwise, it's just an ethnic spoils fight, like what we have now.

Therefore, the instant any bit of genuine economic populism, any sustainable social safety net, any true monetary or fiscal reform threatens to break out, it must be instantly conflated with identity politics lest some actual national unity and pride occur. American populist movements might end up actually being ... American. I.e., Hate.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Take this simple quiz

From the Kakistocracy.










All done? Very good, and I hope you got those last two because if not, then it's off to the re-education camps for you.


Deflection (n):

1.change of course: a change of course that results from hitting somebody or something

2.amount something deflects: the amount or distance by which something is deflected

3.act of diverting attention: the act of directing people's attention or criticism away from something
Just about any where I care to look--my Facebook page, my parish's coffee hour, work, family dinners, Internet blogs and, I'm sure, the local Hebrew temple, Protestant mega-church or anarchist book fair--I can find Americans debating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I must surely be the most disengaged, unfeeling human being on the planet for not actually giving a shit whether one or the other population drowns in the Mediterranean, finally settling things one way or another.

The Chief Kakistocrat notes how this conflict has captured the hearts and minds of the Evangelical Christian Right. Today, I focus on the Universalist, No-Man-Is-Free Left which, scrutinizing the particulars of the Israeli-Palestinian debate, is horrified to discover Fascism In America.

I'll let Philip Giraldi tell the bone-chilling tale:
Sinclair Lewis once opined that if fascism ever comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. I was reminded of that comment when a good friend of mine recently wrote a letter to her local newspaper in Augusta Georgia decrying the killing of nearly two thousand Palestinian civilians in Gaza, describing the deaths as part of “the systemic erosion of the rule of law in our nation and across the globe” since 9/11. A devout Christian, she concluded how from her perspective “The world, it seems, has lost its moral compass.”

Unlike many letter writers, my friend has the life experience to back up her opinion, having served twenty-seven years as a United States Army lawyer, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Much of her most recent work has involved the cases of Guantanamo detainees. [Distinguished, indeed. How many paper cuts and stapler jams did this warrior endure over her venerable career?]

It would have been reasonable to assume that my friend’s letter would elicit a variety of responses, and one might have expected that there would be at least some agreement that a world in which killing and wars have become the norm is an unwelcome aberration. But it was not so. Out of the more than one hundred comments the vast majority were violently and caustically opposed to the principle that Israel and the United States have not exactly been role models for a peaceful world. Many of the comments were both personally insulting and, frequently, highly offensive. Some of the remarks clearly came from military veterans while others had a Christian context.

Regarding the genesis of the recent conflict in Gaza the good folks of Augusta Georgia saw it this way, frequently using the same expressions, suggesting a common source either in the media or through networking with other like-minded individuals [which, inexplicably, is still not illegal]:

•“Hamas started using the rockets and tunnels in violation of rules of war long before Israel reacted.”
•“…it was Hamas firing thousands of missiles at Israel from Gaza that triggered the Israeli counter attacks.”
•“…doesn’t mention a single time the illegality of Hamas launching rockets DAILY against Israel, not just in War! This war is a direct result of Hamas’ daily attacks on Isreal (sic) l!!!”
•“Hamas would gladly kill, without reservation, every living Jewish soul on the planet. That is their goal, after all.”
•“Why did Israel move into Gaza? Because they were being attacked with missiles from there.”
•“Hamas set up rocket caches, tunnels, command and control HQ, and rocket launching sites in and under schools and hospitals ‘run’ by the UN.”
•“Israel has been negotiating with terrorist groups that want to destroy them since 1948…Hamas [is] continuing this barbaric, unprovoked assault on Israel…”

Every story of course has a beginning and end. Where one chooses to begin is critical. [Abraham? Joseph? The land of Goshen? The Canaanites? 70 A.D.? Alexander the Great? Augustus? The Ottomans? Sykes-Picot?] All of the commenters are wrong because they see a poor beleaguered Israel with missiles raining down without considering what preceded that development. Israel, a regional military superpower, has been occupying Arab land by force of arms since before the foundation of the country in 1948. [Like, since 1920 A.D., the dawn of history.]] Even though it has no soldiers permanently stationed in Gaza it occupies the territory by controlling its borders [Yet another hater refusing to deal--there are no borders visible from space.] as well as any and all access to it. It periodically attacks “targets” in the strip, killing Palestinian civilians...

Read the rest for yourself. Then read Krauthammer, Friedman or the folks at PJMedia to get their take on Who Started It. Then, for balance, read Juan Cole or the increasingly unhinged Paul Craig Roberts. Pop over to venerable Old Lefty and ashkenazim James Howard Kunstler's site, and prepare to be surprised (or not) over his Israeli nationalist bona fides.

The merits of the debate interest me far less than the fact that the positions of those awful Sarah Palin-types so illumine a retired Army paper-pusher in Shitcreek GA that she can deduce the connection between the Palestinian cause and the very Devil himself materializing in Georgia. Mr. Giraldi even included a picture so we can view for ourselves what Great Evil is afoot in the land:

Israelis kill Palestinians who but for their appallingly low human capital, would surely be sending attack jets in the other direction, and yea verily, the rule of law hath disappeared from American soil.


Over at, and, libertarians wet their pants over the interminably disputed police shooting of a bully and thug in Nowheresville MO who wouldn't have produced a dime in net production his entire life. Do libertarians (a collective notable for their being whiter than Augusta National) seriously worry about being tailed by white, crew-cut policeman as opposed to dead-eyed, high-T yoofs with their pants halfway to their knees?

Conservatives screech that we must send our best and bravest to fight in Middle Eastern deserts because we face an existential threat from barely literate Muslims 6,000 miles away. Simultaneously, anybody who suggests we consider not letting in over a million people a year and that maybe those crack troops are needed in the US Southwest where drug cartels are taking over national parks obviously has the Zyklon-B already stockpiled. (See above picture).

Across the ideological spectrum, Americans must be badgered, hounded, shamed, deflected toward noticing everything but their complete disenfranchisement in their own homeland.